Ksenia Grishkova was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. All her life she has been exposed to fine art. Both of her parents ran private practices engaging in restoration and conservation of antiques.

After high school Ksenia attended Moscow Artistic College of Applied Arts where she learned how to paint, draw, design and photograph. She continued her education at Moscow University of Design and Technology where she received degree in Design. A few years later Ksenia received a diploma in Arts Management at Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA Moscow). In a mean time she already worked as an Art Consultant and an Art Dealer for a number of private contemporary art and photo galleries in Moscow and London.

She is currently employed as the Director of Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC. http://www.touchstonegallery.com

In addition to her studies and work, Ksenia was fortunate enough to have opportunity to travel a lot. Only some of her destinations include: Cuba, China, Cyprus, Singapore, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Hong Konga, Brazil. During her travels she always make sure to have her camera with her, ready to take pictures that encapsulate the unique aspects of each place.

Photography is her true passion. Successfully capturing a piece of culture, nature or mood always brings joy to her heart and she hopes it will do the same to those who look at her work.